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After the allocation from the California-Nevada Conference, property was purchased in 1958 by the Redwood Empire District for a Methodist Church in the Terra Linda/Marinwood Area. The funds came from the Redwood Trail Blazers.

In 1961, through the Advance Special Program, the Rev. Harold A. Tillinghast was assigned as pastor to organize a church in the area. Charter Day was December 3, 1961, with 59 members representing 33 families. The name "Aldersgate" was chosen because it was on Aldersgate street in London that John Wesley had his "heart-warming experience" which changed the direction of his ministry and made it possible for him to organize "Methodist Societies," which later became the Methodist Church. We became a United Methodist Church in 1968, when the Methodist Church united with the United Brethren Church.

The site of first building, completed in 1963, was at 220 Nova Albion Way. In 1980, we exchanged that property with Kaiser Permanente for property and a new plant at One Wellbrock Heights. The new plant was completed and dedicated on December 18, 1982.

Aldersgate United Methodist Church has been served by Rev. Harold Tillinghast (1961-62); Rev. Paul Schurman (1962-68); Rev. Clyde Vaughn (1968-71); Rev. James Hutchison (1971-87); Rev. Paul Webb (1987-89); Rev. Douglas Monroe (1989-95); Rev. Frank Stone (1995-97); Dr. David Fewins Pittman (1997-2000); Rev. Scott Wylie (2000-2008); Rev. Norma Jean Powell (2008-2010). The Church is presently served by The Reverend Dr. Mark Zier

Aldersgate has sent out three of its youth into the service of God as Ministers of the United Methodist Church: Rev. Linda Caldwell Wiberg, Dr. Mark Bollwinkel, and Rev. Andrea Meeks Winchester.


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